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Riding camps in October

Organize now your October holidays in our riding school. From the 14th to the 25th of October, enjoy a week of riding camp, or a day, or half day à la carte. Depending on your level, we offer classes for beginners, intermediates, advanced or brevet riders. Half-day initiation to horse riding is offered to kids as young as 4 years. Perfecting training for all levels and also private lessons on our dressage horses for the most advance riders are available. Several workshops, vaulting, ethology, horse care, are scheduled. For any further information or registration, please contact Nathalie on 079 436 66 55
cours avances equitation dressage enfants cours voltige enfants
camp de vacances equitation poney nettoyage de poneys soins enfants

Brevets and diplomas

We would like to congratulate our students participating in the test for the Brevet or Diploma of the Swiss Horse Sports Federation FSSE. They all have succeeded with excellent grades and comments from the judges, therefore confirming the quality of instruction provided at Riding School of Manège de Begnins. We wish you a wonderful vacation and look forward to see you back either at our summer riding camps or back to school in September.
brevet d'equitation poney enfants remise diplome brevet equitation fsse

Summer riding camps

We offer horseriding day camps starting on 29th of July running until 23rd of August 2019. For all information and signing up, please contact Nathalie: 079 436 66 55.
camp d'equitation enfants lecon de theorie aupres des poneys

Easter Riding Camps and Brevet FSSE

Please contact us if you are interested in participating in our easter riding camps, taking place from monday 22nd to friday 26th of April (from 9am to 5pm daily). We also provide preparation courses for the diplome and new brevet FSSE (Fédération Suisse des Sports Équestres).
camp d'equitation poney vaud paques passer le nouveau diplome fsse au manege de begnins

Happy holidays

The Felix family and their team wish you a wonderful holiday season and look forward to welcome you back in 2019.

For the parents of students and spectators

How enjoyable to stay next to the fireplace in the cafeteria, being warm and cozy, while the riders appreeciate to practice sheltered from wind and rain in one of our two covered riding arenas.
feu de cheminee dans la cafeteria du manege de begnins ecole dequitation la nuit

Making the right choice

infrastructure professionnelle pour enfants et poneys cours d'equitation pour enfants dans le canton de vaud

After intense preparation for the Brevet certificate, all participants enjoyed their well-deserved success at the test and obtained congratulations from the judges for the organisation and the level of preparation. We'd like to wish you a pleasant vacation time.
For those wanting to learn or practice horse riding in a safe environment within a modern structure, renowned for over 60 years, coached by solid and competent professionals, on well-trained animals which are kept in proper animal welfare conditions, please don't hesitate to contact us or come by. We are happy to welcome you at Manege de Begnins.
soin des poneys pendant le cours d'équitation au poneyclub entree du centre equestre

Summer camps

Spring is back and we are enjoying the outsides. Admissions to the summer camps are now possible. Please contact us quickly to book your participation.
horseriding lesson for kids on ponys at the begnins riding school exterior of riding school for kids in begnins canton vaud

Easter camps

Admissions to the easter holiday camps are now possible. Please don't hesitate to contact us to enrol or to get additional information.
dessin d'enfant representant le poney club de begnins, l'ecole d'equitation pres de gland et nyon tapis de selle pour un poney de l'ecole d'equitation pour enfants

Holiday season

Beautiful horse and poney performances have been shown in Begnins for the end of this year.
The team from Manège de Begnins wishes you a wonderful holiday season and is looking forward to see you again in 2018!
pas de deux bonne annee a l ecole d'equitation


As the leaves begin to fall and the days get shorter, riders are appreciating the covered riding arenas, whilst their mounts enjoy outings in the sand winter paddocks.
pension de cheval qui propose des parcs en toute saison au centre equestre de begnins entre gland et rolle, entre lac leman et jura vaudois cavaliers montant a cheval dans un manege couvert

Summer is here!

All riding school students admitted to the test for obtaining the "brevet certificate" of the Swiss Horse Sports Federation have succesfully passed the exam with high grades and "excellent " mention of the judges for position and seat. Now it is time to wish to all our riders a wonderful summer break, and we look forward to welcome you back during the summer riding camps or end of august at the back-in-school period.
diplome de brevet de cavalier a l'ecole d'equitation examen de brevet de cavalier a l'ecole d'equitation pour enfants a gland

Return of spring time

Admission to the summer riding camps in July and August has already started. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information or to register.
horse riding lessons for kids in gland riding school on poneys for kids in gland

Change of scenery

Despite ice and snow, the horses fully enjoy secure outings in the winter paddocks.
les chevaux dans leurs parcs d'exterieur meme en hiver hiver et neige au manege de begnins

End-of-the-year Shows

Two beautiful performances have been held in Begnins in order to celebrate the end of the year 2016 : "Quattro Cavalli" and pony quadrilles to music. The Félix family and all of the stables collaborators are whishing you a very joyful 2017!
spectacle d'equitation et quadrille au manege de begnins pres de geneve spectacle d'equitation et quadrille au manege de begnins

Autumn season

Autumn has arrived in Begnins, and this means clipping time for the ponys and horses. Riders appreciate training under shelter from the weather in our two indoor riding arenas. Spectators and parents of the riding school students can enjoy a hot coffee or chocolate in the heated cafeteria while watching the riders.
ambiance d'automne au manege d'equitation de begnins pres de geneve tonte des poneys de l'ecole d'equitation et des chevaux en pension au manege de begnins

Brevet test and summer crop

Congratulations to the riding school students who prepared and passed their Brevet test this Friday 8th of July, with very high scores and a 100% success rate.
July is also harvest month. We are happy to have been able to reap feed of outstanding quality which will benefit to the horses in our pension stables during the year.
diplome de brevet d'equitation classique obtenu en juillet 2016 a l'ecole d'equitation pres de gland moissons du fourrage de qualite pour les chevaux en pension au manege de begnins

Preparation of the dressage competition in June

Training sessions are well underway for the dressage competition in June, both for the horse owners and the riding school students who choosed "option D".
entrainement pour le concours de dressage au manege de begnins cheval en entrainement dressage sur la carriere exterieure du manege de begnins

Opening of the grass paddock season

Spring and sunshine are here! The revision of the fencing has been done and the horses boarding at the stables can now fully enjoy their outings on the ample grass paddocks.
pony in the riding school near gland in his paddock ample grass paddock with horse in the horse pension stables manege de begnins

Early spring signs

Winter is ending in Begnins, which announces the start of the dressage training for the four-hooved boarders and their riders, as well as the spring camp in the riding school Pony Club.
ponies of the riding school next to gland are looking outside their snowy boxes a rose is pointing through the snow in the horse sport center and riding school in begnins

Holiday Season

The holiday season has begun at Manège de Begnins, with two beautiful performances:
pas de deux quadrille poneys, ecole d'equitation
The ladies duo's take on "swan lake" & the traditional musical quadrilles with the ponies.
The team from Manège de Begnins wishes you a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year 2016!

New winter paddocks for our boarding horses

In order to provide even more comfort and well-being to the horses boarding on our facility, we just created four more winter paddocks with sand ground.
Featuring solid wooden railings with additional electric fencing, and a non-slip-floor made of sand, they will be usable all winter long - with maximum security in mind, for the horses we are taking care of.
nouveaux parcs d'hiver en sable au manege de begnins sur la cote vaudoise, entre nyon et rolle pension de cheval qui propose des parcs en toute saison au centre equestre de begnins entre gland et rolle, entre lac leman et jura vaudois